How many pages should a Concept Idea be?

Concept Idea and budgeting must be no more than 2-3 pages.

Where applications for Concept Ideas must be submitted?

Applications must be submitted at LëvizAlbania offices. A copy of the Concept Idea should be sent electronically to the address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Are members of the Municipal Council and/or local government officials allowed to apply at LëvizAlbania?

Municipal Council members or any official may not apply for projects at LëvizAlbania, for functions they must delivered by law. However, they may be partners under the support granted to NGO-led initiatives or individuals intended to improve local democracy.

How many years of activity must an NGO have to be eligible for application?

There is no "seniority" requirement for NGOs. If an organisation is recently incorporated, it must specify this fact in its application.
What is the maximum duration of a project?

Projects may have a duration of maximum 1 year.

What can be the extent of administrative costs in a project?

An applicant may claim up to 20% of the administrative costs. However, the entire proposed budget shall be subject to review by LëvizAlbania.

How should the budget be elaborated, in ALL or CHF?

The budget must be presented in CHF (Swiss Francs).

From who may I obtain two referral letters?

Applicants are invited to obtain referral letters about their experience or proposed idea from their previous partners with whom they have cooperated or have work or activity related acquaintance.

When are contracts with grant beneficiaries expected to be concluded?

LëvizAlbania plans to complete the contracting phase by February, but it will also depend from the number of applications.

How many applications may an applicant (individual or NGO) submit under one call?

An applicant (NGO or individual) may submit only one application. However, they can simultaneously be partners in other projects.

Is co-financing compulsory, or applicants may claim 100% of budget?

Co-financing is not compulsory for applications. Nevertheless, LëvizAlbania welcomes cooperation among multiply stakeholders in an application.

Is Value Added Tax an eligible cost?

VAT is not an eligible cost.