The Strategic Enabling Instrument (SEI), has been designed to tap into LevizAlbania’s internal strengths as a: (i) driver and enabler of reform, (ii) builder of local civic capacities, and; (iii) a strategic advocate for broader change.

The SEI will mount interventions that foster and enable a wide-range of local democracy activities across Albania and increase their prospects of being sustained.

Two SEI projecets are under implementation:

 “Municipal Financial Data – Open governance is accountable governance” - implemented by CO-Plan

The platform is one of the Enabling Strategic Instruments of LevizAlbania designed to:

  • Enhance municipal financial performance and evidence-based policymaking in the realm of municipal finances;
  • Build up local civic capacity – enabling Civil Society Organisations and other stakeholders to tap into valuable and systematic data sources to be used in analyses, studies, reports, political analyses, etc.;
  • Be a strategic advocate for broader change, accessible by all target groups/stakeholders who can contribute to improve evidence-based policymaking.

The Platform is a useful and essential tool to monitor financial performance of municipalities in Albania and to influence in all-inclusive decision-making. Simultaneously, the Platforms enable more transparency and accountability, contributing to improved public service delivery.

The main objectives of this platform are:

  • To contribute in improving the understanding of local finances among various interest groups, including Civil Society Organisations, universities, media, professionals, researchers, etc. - to provide a Strategic Enabling Instrument, which enables reliable and systematic data on the financial performance and the fiscal situation of Local Government Units in Albania; and
  • To provide a dialogue platform between different actors involved and interested in local government issues.

Expected outcomes of this Strategic Enabling Instrument may be summarised below:

  • Enhanced transparency in governance, mainly at local level, through dissemination of financial data with Civil Society Organisations, citizens and other stakeholders;
  • Enhanced reliability and accountability of local government by generating and making public a series of comparisons, as between local governments within the country and in the region, citizens and other stakeholders concerned, by giving a clear analysis of the situation and financial performance of Local Government Units;
  • Improved dialogue among stakeholders and increased engagement vis-à-vis aspects impacted, or impacting local finances;
  • Improved decision-making practices pertinent or related to the field of local finances that are evidence-based. 

Strengthening CSO’s for effective inclusiveness and participation in policy-making and decision-making - by Partners Albania for Change & Development

“Strengthening CSOs for effective inclusiveness and participation in policy-making and decision-making”, implemented by Partners Albania, aims to increase effectiveness and efficiency of CSOs and other civic actors in influencing local policies and decision-making. The initiative supports LevizAlbania by addressing the needs of the potential interested applicants and beneficiaries of LA, to improve their local democracy initiatives.

Specific objectives of the initiative include:

  1. Improved skills and capacities of local civic actors in project implementation thematic issues and project management.
  2. Increased exchanges and networking among beneficiaries of LA to achieve joint results and to ensure amplification of results and impact of their initiatives.
  3. Enhanced understanding of ICT tools on democracy promotion: transparency, accountability and participation, based on best practices at regional and international level.

Through an innovative approach combining on-line and on-site trainings, individual coaching, networking, and sharing experiences with other organizations in the country and the region, Partners Albania in close cooperation with LevizAlbania will strengthen the role and impact of local initiatives lead by CSOs and civic actors in local democracy in the country.