LevizAlbania project is leaded by two boards that operates in very specific areas, contributing to a professional and visionary approach of the project resulting in a good performance and impact.

Advisory Board

LevizAlbania direction and strategy are assisted/supported by the Advisory Board.

Its main roles include:

  • Providing strategic guide, recommendations and methodological advice for the LA instruments;
  • Providing advises on thematic goals or objectives and the project geographical range/expansion;
  • Evaluation and analyses of the project annual action plan and its results;
  • Reviewing the strategic documents and annual reports. 

Grants Board

Grants Board is the highest decision-making body of LevizAlbania project, in charge of the approval of the Call for Applications directions, qualification of the awarded proposals and disbursement of grants. Grants Board operates under a strategic framework set out in the Annual Action Plans of LevizAlbania.

Grants Board decision-making is consensual and based on the evaluation criteria of the applications approved by LevizAlbania Consortium and the Swiss Embassy.

Grants Board is composed by five members:

  • Two members of LevizAlbania Consortium
  • Three representatives from Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia
  • One representative from Swiss Embassy (as observer)

Grants Board is chaired by the Executive Director of Open Society Foundation for Albania, at the same time the Head of LevizAlbania Consortium. Two other members of the Consortium participate in the Grants Board meeting on rotation base.

The representatives from Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia are experts with extended knowledge on civil society areas, good governance and media.

The above mentioned Grants Board members are selected among a pool of experts approved by LevizAlbania Consortium and the Swiss Embassy in Albania.

Grants Board members:

Andi DOBRUSHI – Executive Director, OSFA

Dritan SHUTINA – Executive Director, Co-PLAN 

Juliana HOXHA – Executive Director, Partners Albania for Change and Develop

Armand MERO – Journalist – Voice of America

Blendi SALAJ – Journalist / Civil Society

Faik ISPAHIU – Civil Society/Kosovo

Nazim RASHIDI – Journalist/Media/Macedonia

Kelmend ZAJAZI– Drejtor Ekzekutiv i NALAS