Projects funded by LevizAlbania

LevizAlbania is a project funded by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation and implemented by a consortium of three successful Albanian organizations, Open Society Foundation for AlbaniaPartners Albania for Change and Cooperation and Co-PLAN. It operates on a set of instruments that support strengthening and consolidation of local democracy.

Leviz Albania is based on these strategic and financial instruments:


Grants for civil society stakeholders include grants for individuals and for non-profit organisations (NGOs). LevizAlbania launches two calls for applications per year, seeking projects from community-based organisations, media, academic institutions, youth and women’s' groups, and individuals. The call targets specific directions identified following an objective on-site analysis of the main issues in local governance. After the initial shortlisting related to the compliance of applications with the call directions, LevizAlbania organises the Ideas Competitions - a novel transparency tool in grant awarding projects in Albania, where eligible applicants present and defend their ideas before the Grants Board, including the intervention rationale, achievement of objectives and how their intended change in the level of local democracy and local governance is to be ensured. Financing rate is up to CHF 20,000 for individual grants and up to CHF 50,000 for grants to NGOs.

Rapid Response is another important instrument enabling the project to finance initiatives by civil society organisations and individuals concerning a cause or issues at risk of assimilation by the time factor. Designed for intervention needs through civil action, Rapid Response follows a simplified and accelerated review procedure to ensure timely response to the interest of the cause or issue. Maximum financing rate for applications under the Rapid Response instrument is CHF 15,000.

Strategic enabling instrument: LevizAlbania project itself takes on strategic initiatives and advocacy activities at national level in order to create an enabling environment for a better and sustainable local democracy.

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Projects funded by Lëviz Albania

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A project that aims to have a catalytic effect on local democracy in Albania

This project is implemented by the consortium of organizations: