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Taking action for accessibility!

Arsyetimi i Propozimit (i përmbledhur)

Lack of accessibility in Albania is impeding persons with disabilities from fully participating in society and is a precondition for the enjoyment of all other rights.

The municipalities of Durres, Shkodër and Mat together have more than 300,000 inhabitants and it is estimated that at least 30,000 of them are persons with disabilities.

Now there is also a Council of Minister's Decision No. 1074, dated 23.12.2015 "For defining the measures for the elimination of barriers in communication and infrastructure in offering public services for persons with disabilities" which requires from municipalities to take measures to remove existing barriers through detailed planning and budgeting. According to this, Decision no public funding should be used for projects that don’t comply with accessibility requirements. Local authorities according to a recent study have no knowledge of this decision and even though the deadline has passed long ago, they have not yet drafted the actions plans.

On the other hand, local disability organisations are lacking capacities and skills on how to monitor and make their municipalities accountable when it comes to accessibility and need to be empowered. They still have a weak voice.

This proposal complies with both Direction I + II. It aims to put accessibility as a priority by respecting the legal obligations and while putting local authorities in front of facts and information, it will promote their accountability when it comes to the implementing and enforcement of accessibility standards during their infrastructure interventions.

Qëllimi dhe objektivat specifike

Goal: To improve accessibility of disabled people in the municipalities of Durres, Shkodër and Mat through strengthened activism of disability organisations and activists with the aim of making municipalities accountable for the implementation and enforcement of legal obligations on accessibility.

The choice of the municipalities is made because of the high number of disabled people, geographical representation and the lack of any initiative to empower them on the new legislative framework on accessibility and on ways of activism to improve accessibility and make the municipalities accountable.

Specific objectives

1.      To increase awareness of the target group on their rights according to the legal framework and strengthen capacities and cooperation of disability organisation in the 3 municipalities on the legal framework and its implementation as well as on strategies and tools on activism and how to organize and mobilize them to be active and raise their voice together for bigger impact;

2.      Increase transparency and accountability of local municipalities in three cities through the continuous monitoring, round tables, use of legal instruments, complains on online official governmental platforms, Marching in the cities for accessibility rights;

3.      Raise awareness on the society at large on accessibility through a thorough media strategy with media appearances, social media campaign and denunciation as well as production of videos on disability challenges.

Aktivitetet kryesore

1.      One training per each city (3 in total) with local disability organisation on the legal framework and monitoring the implementation of the legislation and accessibility with 15-20 participants;

2.      One training in each city on different strategies and tools on activism and on how to raise issues and concerns in the public and at the local governance institutions with 15-20 participants (3 in total);

3.      One training in each city (3 in total) with journalists in Durres Shkodër and Mat on how to better report on issues of disability and accessibility;

4.      Three roundtables with all local stakeholders on accessibility in each of the municipalities to present the monitoring reports as well recommendations by the disabled community themselves on how to improve the situation with concrete steps.

5.      Three local meetings among journalists and disability community for better advocating through media on the issues of accessibility (3 in total);

6.      Continuous assistance to local disability organisations and activists on denunciations/complaints from local disability organisation at the portal shqipëriaqeduam.al and the Commissioner against Discrimination. (3 complains/cases for each municipality)

7.      Continuous mentoring of the local Disabled People Organizations into drafting monitoring reports for each municipality.

8.      Continuous publishing and use of different tools through the special facebook page dedicated to accessibility of the monitoring reports, statistics, legislation, analysis from journalists, videos produced by this project and other useful materials;

9.      Three TV appearances on each city and 1 on national media outlet and 3 articles for each municipality;

10.  Preparation of 3 video/documentaries for the accessibility situation in each city;

11.  Screening of the documentary and following discussion in each city with interested stakeholders and citizens (total 3);

12.  Awareness raising through a March of the disabled community in each city (3 in total)

Rezultatet e pritshme

1.      Improved accessibility for all citizens in the municipalities of Durres, Shkodër and Mat;

2.      Increased transparency and accountabily of the local governance in the three cities;

3.      Strengthened knowledge on accessibility of disabled people organisations in 3 cities and increased capacities to denounce lack of accessibility at the respective institutions and media.

4.      Increased qualitative reporting on media, and increased knowledge of journalists on disability issues;

5.      Active civil soceity organisation of disabled people with a stronger public voice and presence through national and local media as well as social media campaigns by bringing into the public attention the issue of accessibility.

6.      Evaluation of the status quo of accessibilty on three cities;

7.      Improved dialogue through disability community and local governance institutions;

8.      Increased understanding and awarnees raised in the society at large on the issue of accessibiltiy;

Përfituesit kryesorë

1.      Civil society organizations for disabled people in Durres, Shkodër and Mat;

2.      Persons with disabilities and citizens in these localities;

3.      Journalists;

4.      General public at large;


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